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May 07, 2010


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Is anyone planning on giving your idea a go?


Perhaps you should implement it then, or if it does nothing important anyway, release it as open source and let anyone who wishes so do it.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

I'm already thinking of how to implement it myself. I've gathered several potential collaborators. The main thing I'm looking for now is 1) someone who can help me design the detailed strand sequences; 2) a lab person somewhere near the Bay Area who knows DNA and FRET.


Brian Wang


I have details on the Duke University self assembled light sensitive and emiting DNA elements.


Jim Heameach

So Chris are you using FRET to get only information out of your system?
Or is your plan to use FRET to get both information out and conditionally put energy into your system?

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Jim, good question. The answer is simple: FRET is for info out.

While writing my answer, I realized that the first experiment can be even simpler than I thought. I had been planning to use DNA strand replacement to get information in - and I still plan to use it for the robot. But I realized that for the first experiment, I can just use temperature change. The experiment gets simpler and simpler...

So you've inspired my next blog post...


So if you want these DNA and FRET experts in the SF Bay Area, then post something at Foresight and at the various DIYbio meetups and possibly at appropriate departments at Stanford and at UCB. The (good) hacker philosophy is rampant in these parts. Hell, post your needs in CraigsList.

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