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April 04, 2010


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Andre Robatino

The instructions/blueprints can be distributed widely on the internet in minutes - the feds wouldn't have time to react. The hard part would be avoiding detection during development.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Blueprints wouldn't be enough to bootstrap a nanofactory from scratch. It would take a very well-equipped lab and a lot of time - at least months, and maybe years, to develop from scratch even if the lab knew exactly how.


Tom Craver

I didn't have too many specifics in mind - that'd be part of the task after all. But as an example - designing a system that encourages open source designs, but insures people pay into a pool that will be used to recompense designers of popular designs and inventions. That way, when the inevitable stink about un-authorized use of patented technologies in popular designs arises, it can be pointed out that the inventors can claim a share of the pool.

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