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February 22, 2010


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henry@phoenix arizona

I would rather suggest that giving link value to a user who has read your blog and gave intelligent comment is not going to hurt you.
May be his/her comments have added some value to your blog and let other folks to particiapte in your blog.
But if it is spam or irlevant comment, delete it urgenntly.
I am really awaiting to see what will you do with my comment.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

You're a human, and your comment actually contributes. It stays. :-)

I really didn't think the other comment contributed anything. It used the right keywords, but I don't think any reader would have learned anything useful from it.


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You're a human, and your comment actually contributes. It stays. :-)

Big Al Stainless Steel Water Bottles

The point of a comment is to add to the conversation or as an addendum to the article, and if it's not a real person, what's the point? I agree with Henry that unless a comment is completely irrelevant, it should be approved if there is evidence that 1) the person read the article 2) the commenter is a real person and NOT a computer.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

A couple of days ago, someone made a comment on another post that was somewhat relevant but with a blatantly commercial name/URL - like yours, Big Al.

I "unpublished" the comment, and wrote to the person, saying "What is your interest in nanotech?"

If I had gotten a response, I would have re-published the comment. I did not get a response. I conclude that that person was a spammer, plain and simple.

If someone has a blatantly commercial name/URL, and their comment does not substantially advance the discussion, from now on I will unpublish it. They would have to notice, write and complain to get it back. With a blatantly commercial name, the burden of proof and effort is on you to prove you are not a spammer. If you don't like that, don't use my blog for advertising.

Time to get back to work - I'm closing comments on this post, and I will not welcome this discussion continuing on other posts.


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