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December 15, 2009


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Benjamin Abbott

Fantastic. This is the direction nanotechnology needs to go in. Too much research focuses on making life more comfortable for already comfortable people. I'm pleased to an advance that addresses such a critical global issue.


Its amazing how far nano technology has come. Its hard to imagine how much more things can still be improved upon! Pico water filters some day maybe?

Chris Phoenix, CRN

A pico water filter would be able to filter out individual atoms. Unfortunately, water is made of atoms, so there's a lower bound on the pore size.

Pores of just the right size and material should be able to filter out almost any molecule that isn't water. Reverse osmosis membranes do this today, but nano-built membranes would probably be able to have lower flow resistance.


I'm blown away by this use of nano technology and its potential to give safe water, one of our most basic needs, to the people that need it the most.

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