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September 04, 2009


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Dale Ritter

Nanotechnical manufacturing of molecules or materials has a basis for vast expansion in nanophysics modeling which is capable of mathematical resolution of the femtoscale electron topological level of structure, and beyond. These techniques build onscreen images of electrons with cross-section views and energy field details of heat matrix with magnetic particle lattices, as well as superworkon dynamics to extend nanotechnology to the quantum age of new physics by nanotopology.
The RQT (relative quantum topological) physics method builds a topological atomic model of exact picoyoctometric (10^-36 m) 3D interactive imagery.
This system works by combination of the Einstein-Lorenz relativistic transform functions for time, mass, and energy with the workon quantized electromagnetic wave functions for frequency and wavelength. The atom labeled psi(Z) is given a nucleus radiating forcons with valid joule values by {e=m(c^2)} transformation of nucleoplastic surface layer mass to a spectrum of force fields. The function is built as a series differential for the possible rates of nuclear radiation, with quantum symmetry numbers assigned along the series to give topology to the solutions.
Psi pulsates at the frequency {Nhu=e/h} by cycles of force emission and absorption within spacetime boundaries of {gravity-time} to make the GT integral atomic function. Next, when the atom's internal momentum function is rearranged to the photon gain rule and integrated for GT limits a series of 26 waveparticle functions is found. Each is the topological function of a type of energy intermedon of the 5/2 kT J internal heat capacity energy cloud, accounting for all of them. Those 26 energy values intersect the sizes of the fundamental physical constants: h. h-bar, delta, nuclear magneton, beta magneton, k (series). The result is the picoyoctometric 3D interactive video atomic model image, responsive to keyboard entries of virtual photon gain events by relativistic, quantized shifts of force, energy, and electron distributions.
Images of the h-bar magnetic energy waveparticle of ~175 picoyoctometers are available online at http://www.symmecon.com with the complete RQT atomic modeling manual titled The Crystalon Door. TCD conforms to the unopposed motion of disclosure in U.S. District (NM) Court of 04/02/2001 titled The Solution to the Equation of Schrodinger, U.S. copyright TXu1-266-788.


Well, I checked out the link, and a couple things just seemed out of place; i got over the whole grand unified theory thing; o.k. just the name. But, I don't understand the whole justice court thing! Please explain that one!


. . . and, i didn't see all these amazing pictures(I've seen some of these femto and atto second physics pictures of atoms and electrons; so, I felt pretty excited to see what else I could see; well, I didn't feel like downloading any software; maybe that was it? Can't you put them on your website instead; at least some pretty good ones?

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