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July 04, 2009


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I don't believe you will; it's just too convenient for the government to stay there.

I wonder, however. Considering the rather draconian measures you believe would be required to control nanotechnology, do you think this is a bad thing?

Don't just say "yes". Think about it. What would it take for such measures to become politically acceptable?

the Oakster1

Why are people fighting? Usually, it is about freedom(liberty? I'm pretty sure the two words are similar here); so, if there's freedom, then there will be no war and 'permanent' liberty!

So, the only way to make sure there is no war is to make permanent freedom! How do we do that? Make one big global village where everybody gets to practice their . . . religion? Ever heard of the middle east? Do you know why the pilgrims came to america instead of staying in religious freedom . . . basically, scandinavian regions . . . ? Because they were apalled at the freedom of thought! They were appalled at the prospects of their children being infected with 'science'! I guess while we're hellbent to make sure everybody gets their physical benefits from the coming new nano-era, we'd better enlighten them about their "chosen ones' religions, and that their religions are 'wrong'! Everybody stop your b.s'in so we can have permanent freedom!

Or, we can just go out to space; anybody who doesn't like the current direction of thought in one space habitat can go in another one . . . and, in another direction!

There's more in this quote than just liberty vs war; i mean the whole thing about permanent crisis; i mean, as I do believe William James said it; space is the moral equivalent of war. I would go further and say that science is the moral equivalent of war; space is where the science ethic will be 'permanently' established . . . away from mind control religions;


Religion is a system of governing society that was more than adequate in a time where science was in its infancy or not born yet. It has served us well. It is sticky though, one has to make a substantial effort to change his/her way of thinking. But what societies around the world are doing in not giving this priority any importance. The priority of changing the behaviour and the response of the masses from a religious view of the world to a scientific one.I acknowledge that this is no easy task, If you try to change how a person views the world to a more rational view is like trying to kill that person and to make him again.


I was born in a conservative Muslim family. My father is an Islamic scholar. So I was exposed at an early age to all the facets of Islamic religion. On the other hand, as I come from Morocco and Morocco was a former French colony,
I was also exposed to French education that had an emphasis on rationality and scientific method. I was lucky to have had a naturally inquisitive mind and was more inclined to believe in the things that proof supported. I forgot about the little details of my childhood education until I reached the age of 39 years old. then I wanted to deepen my knowledge of my childhood patrimoine ( sets of knowledge I held in my head). I, by that time became a qualified Electronics and telecommunications Engineer and held a position with an international American company and changed my country of residence to the UK. I tried to go back and analyse the Koran ( Muslim Holy book). It was the most powerful experience of my life. I bought an ipod and started listening to the Koran almost all of my waking hours. It just took me away. Then I developed a mental condition referred to as bipolar affective disorder. As I was a direct descendant of the prophet and I started feeling like I could do anything. My rational side thought scientifically, and I came to the conclusion that all profets had a mental illness that is similar to my own ( mine is controlled by medication -No medication was available in the time of Moses,Jesus,Mohamed)that made them seem guided by divinity. We are all the children of these prophets on this side of the world. The idea here is that through my experience I have discovered that as far as the prophets were concerned, they did not lie, but as a consequence of their Madness they changed the world and that we don't have to follow them although we owe them a great deal of respect for their sacrifice. Now I give lectures and explain to people that we are on our own as far as god is concerned. The only god that contacted us ever is the hidden one inside our brains. Our brains hold the key to our salvation. and science is the ultimate expression of this very unique organ we are blessed to possess. If you want me to talk or for an interview contact me on isamelb@gmail.com

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