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March 11, 2009


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Jamais Cascio

Welcome back, Chris!

Alexander McLin

Glad to see you're back and to hear that we can start seeing more material coming from CRN.

Your coverage has been exemplary and comprehensive. Hard to say if there's anything not covered yet.

todd andersen

I was thinking the other day I am wondering if you at crn could make a list

“The top 10 questions leading to the development and implementation of molecular manufacturing “.

You could post one a day, and we could all comment on how to fix, or a road that arrives at a fix, for the problem or question. I will now make my one list

1. What are the carbon bonds that are useful i.e. Demonstrate reliability and constancy in many trillion reaction environment? This question assumes we will be following a carbon bootstrap roadmap to MM.

2. Is there a good design for the tool tip to be used in the MM table top device? Will we use a robotic arm, a pyramid shape tool, or a 3,4,5 option or all of the above.

3. Are we required to use single carbon molecule construction or can a feed stock molecule be used to reduce the number of reactions in the MM device? Or for some other reason would a feed stock be “easer” to use and what choices stand out as good options?

4. Will shielding be needed for background radiation in the device and is there any know element that can protect the inner workings of the MM device? Or will another kind of shielding be needed i.e. magnetic or a new as yet unknown one?

Ok I got to 4 lol but you get the idea


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