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January 14, 2009


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I find your definition of nanotechnology way to technical possibly even for President(elect) Barrack Obama. I like and use 'nanomanufacturing and its products' a lot more.


I forogt to mention that I think you should mention that solving nanomanufacturing will also solve the current economic problems.


Also, why not consider cooperating with researchers and governments throughout the world on nanotechnology?


Your reference numbers are a bit messed up: you have [5] twice in the body of the article, and 9. twice in the references at the end of the article.

Chris Phoenix

I know - arghh - it's partly my mistake and partly their kludgy posting software. For example, I had bullet points formatted, which showed up fine in preview mode, but not when posted. And once you've hit the 'Submit' button, there is no way to revise or correct what you've posted. But anyway, the gist of it is there.

George J. Killoran

I have faith in Obama. He is a practical, brilliant and very competent man. He knows the extreme dangers this country and our planet face. I have confidence he will be open to the recommendations that CRN presents in this letter. Necessity is the mother of invention. I believe one the crowning accomplishments of the Obama Administration will be the successful implementation of molecular manufacturing.

Tom Mazanec

Voted. It is up to 210 points. How does that compare with other issues?


Well, the top 10 range from ~60 to ~40k :~(.

Future Technology

This is the type of action I like to see. I'm creating an account and I'm voting this thing up.

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