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December 06, 2008


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the oakster1

Well, here I agree one hundred percent. I recently(maybe a few months ago) viewed the latest and greatest global warming National Geographic show(seems global warming, supervolcanoes are the National Geographic and Science Channel specialites; or, they're better at those than most other things) . . . six degress that can change the world; to me, this was the most powerfull and persuasive such show yet; the fact that if you wreck the ecosystem in the attempt to fix the economy will do us all no good seems to be the biggest generalization that comes to my head; and, this may come sooner than we think(within ten years; one recent physorg article suggested we're already past the first two degrees of human global warming). Not all is lost, but it's happening right around the same time nano-manufacturing is happening; the idea to go to space to solve the problem is too late; the only line of defence seems to be to go full bore nanotechnology.


Dear President Elect Barack Obama

In the mist of this economics crisis when money is needed.I have heard a penny per gallon tax on gasoline would generate a billion dollars over night.I suggest we look at paying off or rising the billions of dollars we need to buy our way out of this depression.




I would like to get this message to President Elect Obama.

Dear Mr. President Elect Obama
First let me congratulate you on yours and our victory in November.
I have watched in the past eight years my savings go to 0, my retirement down to very little, and my debt rise. When President Clinton left office I had money saved back for emergencies. I had a nice retirement going and was on my way to becoming debt free. I hope that my family and I and all the other Americans like me will be able to gain this back under your leadership. With that being said I have an idea that I would like you to give your consideration.

Thirty two years ago I had an idea for an electric car nation. Cars would be able to travel on the interstate system as far as they chose without a recharge.
This would have the potential of jump starting the economy and would also save the American Auto industry.
If we took 400,000,000,000 of the bail out dollars and bought 120,000,000 electric cars from the big three, their problems and ours would be over.
That should be about a car for each household in America. Another plus is no more foreign oil. If this sounds intriguing to you than please contact me for more information.
Don Gray.

Tom Craver

Um, George?

If your implict goal by focusing on a gas tax was to encourage gas conservation, I think you've got a little problem, if you're expecting it'd really generate that much revenue.

$1 billion from a penny a gallon tax is 100 billion gallons. Assuming maybe 100 million actively driven vehicles in the US, that'd be 1000 gallons per vehicle.

That'd take a whole lot of driving to make a billion dollars, "overnight" or not.

On the other hand, I might like to see a "gas price stabilization" tax. It makes no sense for gas prices to fall this low (about $1.50 near me) after being near or over $4 for nearly a year.

Perhaps pin it at about $2.50 a gallon with a variable gas tax, and use the revenues to store up larger oil and modest gas reserves that are guaranteed to be released (rather than taking a special government decision) if the price goes over $2.50 a gallon?

That'd kill any future speculation of the kind that is claimed to have been the basis of $4 a gallon gas, and we could raise the price smoothly over time to drive reduced consumption for lower CO2 or energy independence or whatever.

Bishnu Parajuli

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