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December 22, 2008


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Tristan Hambling

la la la la.. ponding this for quite some time now.. how wonderfully timed this all might turn out to be, amongst global crisis's, peak oil (see below),arrival of advanced tech, we really might just be playing out a giant game of sim city!

IEA Chief Economist, Peak Oil by 2020.

Also a little offtopic fyi's worth checking out mike...
Designing a human mind.
Cybernetics lecture-Kevin Warwick
{note persist second half is good}


Peak Oil is BS. Sorry. The US alone has more than enough oil (and possible reserves even higher) if we just were to DRILL for it.

First sign when something is a scam: When the scam artists keep missing their deadlines for 'deliverables'. Excuses are made, new 'observations' that 'wasn't available when I made the prediction' are 'discovered' and mentioned, etc., etc., etc.

And, when backed up against the ultimate wall, the scam artists resort to red herrings like redefining the spin: 'liberal' is now called 'progressive', 'global warming' is called 'climate change', 'raising taxes on the rich' becomes 'oh, the economic downturn makes that impossible', etc.

And the Peak Oil crowd has been just as guilty (both as individuals as well as collectively) of all of the above every bit as much as Steorn [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steorn] has.

So, I am not holding my breath. Not after spending a lot of overtime 'fixing' Y2K software bugs to avert a disaster that was never real.

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