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November 14, 2008


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jim moore

I do think that there is a big future for carbon nanotech and balloons. A single atom thick layer of graphene is an excellent gas barrier to hydrogen and helium. I think that Josh’s newest idea (let’s call it the Hall Shell) is so cool, let’s continue to play with the idea.

After you have your layer of graphene balloons all of the individual balloons should join with their neighbors to form a continuous gas tight bubble around the planet, thus creating a roof over the whole planet. (Probably more important for terraforming other
You could hang stuff from the Hall Shell, maybe even homes and communities.
You can place a whole bunch of sensors on the Hall Shell looking down at the earth and out at the universe creating a true panopticon.
With simple mirrors and gratings you can route all the light hitting the sunny side of the Hall Shell potentially any ware on the planet creating magnificent art on the sky, something like the whole world going through the powers of 10 video (or maybe horrid advertising filling the sky.)
The Hall Shell could trap the oakster and all of his descendants on the earth forever, subjecting him to CRN’s socialistic control ;-)


I don't know why you still take Hall's science fictional fantasies seriously, Mike. I have yet to see any progress towards the "utility fog" Hall wrote about 15 years ago.

jim moore

advanced atheist,
google: claytronics
They are working on a type of Utility Fog,
They working in both 2 and 3 dimensions, on software and hardware and looks like they are making real world progress.

brian wang

Claytronics is funded by Intel with work at Carnegie Mellon. They have millimeter size elements now (2D and 3D) and believe they have a clear design path to micron size elements within five to ten years.

Claytronics highlighted at Singularity summit

Claytronics and all digital radios

MIT center for bits and atoms has twenty year or so plan to get to programmable matter. Avogadro scale computing. Conforming computing.

Avogadro scale computing


Great, another futuristic something that might become practical and "change everything" around the time I turn 70, if I live that long. I've heard that so many times in my life that I can't take it seriously any more.

Neil Gershenfeld would do better with the remainder of his career to promote the Fab Lab technologies which happen to work in the here and now. Otherwise he could wind up in his 80's like Marvin Minsky and wonder why he wasted so much of his life chasing after a technological mirage.

Tom Craver

>why he wasted so much of his life

Yeah - like Robert Goddard. Such a waste.

Not to mention the gal who invented fire and guy who invented the wheel...

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