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November 19, 2008


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Tom Craver

Government always wants it to be a one-way mirror - "Just Trust Us - We're the Good Guys!". Maybe they are - today. Are you willing to bet they always will be? That they won't install Brin's bi-directional transparency, then someday use some act of terrorism to justify flipping the switch to make it one-way?

Maybe people aren't aware how fast that one-way mirror is being installed. Sure, we all know about the stop light and speeding cameras going up. But do you know if your local police have started using the fast license plate reading cameras on their patrol cars? Keeping a database of every car that drives past - where and when - just in case they want to use it later? How long before that's a standard feature on speed/stop cameras on every intersection? A few years, at best.

Chris Phoenix

Good points, Tom. That's why it's so important and valuable that citizen sousveillance -- what Jamais Cascio calls the Participatory Panopticon -- expands rapidly. Rights activists, self-appointed journalists, hackers, and the rest of us have to keep turning up the heat on government to increase openness and transparency.

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