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June 24, 2008


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Totally Consumed

Jeepers! "Incomplete Visa Requirements" sounds like something straight out of the movie, 'Rendition'. Glad you made it back OK.

Michael Anissimov

Bummer. Looks like they're getting back at us for our post 9-11 visa restrictions!

brian wang

I had a similar problem when I tried to visit Prague 7 years ago. I spoke to the Czech embassy and websites before leaving and was told that I would not need a visa. But it turns out Canadians (I had only one citizenship at the time) did need a visa [I feel it was due to payback for international hockey losses]. I was stopped before boarding the plane. Stayed in Paris to try to sort out the visa issue but could not within a span workable for my vacation.

In the mid-90s, tried to go to Saudi Arabia, but required arrangement of an invitation to the Kingdom from a local native. So the issues getting into Saudi Arabia pre-date 9-11.


That is amazing that you were able to spend a couple of nights in the Cairo city. In the US, in case of visa or transfer visa problem they chain you in the immigration office.

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