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March 24, 2008


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the oakster1

in one ear . . . right out the other; i'm not going to resay everything I've said of why we shouldn't confine humanity on earth just because of earthly problems;

It's trully amazing that these guys are going to go to such extreme solutions and talk about keeping people from combining things that don't belong like the info, commercial, and military sectors, but bring up religious anti-sciece throughout hunanities history, and they start playing all their vagueness games; i'm not going to reiterate all the details again and again.

These guys just cannot let humanity get away from the fear mongering that comes from gangsters and copland situations which will destroy b.s. all of humanity ocnfined on earth forever. THere's only one reason; because they are irrationalists. They are as socially bound up with irrationality as Bill Joy is . . . as Plato and Eusebius were who said, "it's o.k. to let the general population believe in superstitions if they are so hellbound to have it; it gives us more money and reason to enslave them!"(it's the gist of what Eusebius quotes in his "Preparation for the Gospel).

I've said enough; i shouldn't have to say anything; if people don't see why it isn't a good idea to be socio-politically bound up with anti-science past, then it is because they are, and this is the solution to the Fermi Paradox.

the oakster1

. . . and oh yes, once again, you want the earth and to be bound up here on earth forever with all these anti-scientists, then you can have it! I don't care! But to b.s. and demonize anybody who wants to get away is a crime against humanity.

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