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February 17, 2008


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the oakster1

yea, the reason why we should let humanity expand out in space . . . so that they are forever inspired and more required than ever to think clearly; or else, natural selection takes hold!

I could say more; shoot, I could rip most of what Mike Treder says on this website; but, I dn't have the time to put together an essay for his and CRn's twisted ideas of who are the bad guys(yes, they have . . . one good idea in the system of three ethics; if they didn't, I really would put much more effort in replying to all Crn's b.s! Take the quote above for intance; it rmeinds me of christians who go around saying 'don't believe in everything you hear." It trully is amazing how people twist things up!)

Shoot(better than using my fulltilt naval lingo), I've already spent more energy than I should here!


hello, i am a final year mechanical student are nanobots capable of cleaning oil spills,if yes please send me some information about how the process works

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