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January 15, 2008


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This is truly sad.

It would be one thing if overall government spending was declining, but taking from science to fund a war and flawed economy is just wrong.



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M. Simon

Good news for science in America:

WB-7 First Plasma

Could Congress be in the process of redirecting our efforts for a few years? Who knows?

M. Simon

BTW funding for science comes out of profits.

It really pains me to see such economic stupidity out of what should be well educated people.

You guys couldn't pass Econ 101.

I mean really. The government taxes profits. No profit. No jobs. No taxes.

Where is the profit in that?

Tom Craver

M.Simon -

I'm confused by your comment.

I read the above as a criticism of the way the current administration has shelled out tons of corporate welfare under the cover of the "War on Terror", creating huge, often un-earned profits for crony companies at the same time we're slashing spending on science.

A bit of fiscal discipline - not to mention honesty - could have saved enough to avoid the budget cuts.

Whether government should be in the basic research business is a separate question. I'm not terribly impressed with their record of accomplishments, outside of military R&D.

It's 2007 - forget flying cars and robots - where's the cure for cancer and heart disease that my taxes have been paying for for decades? Where my fusion power plant? Those have been dominated by massive government spending for decades.

Yeah, we may finally get something out the Navy financing Bussard's fusion approach. But I'd fully credit that to the genius and persistence of that one man, rather than to the government for finally (almost secretively) giving him a trickle of cash so tiny it almost ran out before he got his most interesting results.

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