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October 10, 2007


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Thanks for blogging this, Chris. After reading through most of these postings however I am left confused as to what this "roadmap" is. Is it a specific document? A diagram? A map? Or was this conference itself, the collection of all of the presentations, considered to be the roadmap?

Chris Phoenix, CRN

The roadmap is a document. It describes a bunch of nanotechnologies, and calls for developing them in the direction of molecular manufacturing. It was developed by Battelle and Foresight, with lots of researchers participating, including Drexler.


brian wang

Is roadmap document going to be available online anywhere ?

Pearl Chin

Here is pre-release version for the Vision Weekend: http://www.foresight.org/SrAssoc/2007/wiki/index.php/Atomically_Precise_Construction_Productive_Nanosystems_Roadmap

Will Ware

The Roadmap document is now available online:

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