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August 31, 2007


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jim moore

Has any one else been looking around on google Mars?

I have an let me tell you that place is weird. I do not think that all of those circular excavations can be impact craters. If they were impact craters why would almost ALL of them be perfect circles? Too make a circular impact crater a meteorite would have to hit mars at a particular angle , most should have hit with a more glancing blow ? (shouldn't they?)
What is with all of the bulls eye craters?
If you look the blister like area (above and to the left of the big "volcano") and you look at some of the cracks at high magnification in infrared you will see that it looks like someone took a circular punch and made the some of the cracks

Michael handy

It does seem like an impact that makes a circular shape should come from a 90 degree angle, however thats not the case. An astroid impact initially only makes a very small,narrow hole. However, the force transfered to the ground surrounding the impact causes a great upswelling. this explodes to the surface making a circular depression.

Think of all those world war 1 and 2 bomb craters, they impacted at an angle and still came out roughly circular. Some elongated asteroid craters do exist, but they had an extremely shallow angle of impact (interestingly the angle of impact can be known by observing the 'rays' of matter thrown from the collision).

In response to the original post, perhaps an asteroid hit a vast underground cavern, or perhaps its just a partially collapsed lava tube. Has anyone tried a laser rangefinder on these holes? surely we must have put one on the spacecraft.

Zack Lynch

very, very cool catch. There is something very beautiful these cave openings.

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