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July 16, 2007


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Privacy and security are discussed here, but implied in the subtext of privacy is really freedom, right? The idea that how we behave in privacy is different than in public.

Along the lines of bankruptcy or geographical relocations freedom to pursue "life, liberty and happiness" without the burdens of your history following you?? I don't know that there is a right to anonymity or tabula raza'ing your past. I believe in second chances, but knowing that I'm giving someone one is a part of what it means to build a relationship and trust.

To say there is no forgiveness is not accurate. To say there are consequences for your actions is. Mistakes are something all people make. Hopefully we learn from them and don't repeat them. It is called training. If I talk with someone and they haven't made any mistakes in their life, then I'm VERY highly skeptical that they are being truthful with me or with themselves. Privacy to a point, but not deletion of your past...

Stephen C

RE: Participatory Panopticon, see also:
especially the last quarter or so where it talks about Flickr and image tagging.


It definitely would be a difficult task to maintain privacy, once the molecular manufacturing becomes stable and we have all the markets pervaded by products manufactured using MM. Every individual would have his own tools to maintain his higher productivity and every activity of an individual might be recorded inadvertently.

But that is just the external activities. Are we talking about tracking the brain activities and hence the person's thoughts also?

( For that we still would need tools and technology to understand and track a person's thoughts through the brain activities. But my guess is that once MM is stable we would just need two or three decades to achieve this. )

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