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July 02, 2007


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Stephen C

How is it possible to supply an exponential number of machines with the necessary material?



Are you referring to an exponential number of nanofactories? I don't think anyone ever claimed that to be the case. Nanofactories that can create more nanofactories could be an exponential growth process, but its not like someone is saying that suddenly there will be 100 quadrillion nanofactories. That just doesn't make any sense.

Stephen C

I should clarify the question. It would seem that in nanotechnology, the supply of physical material (atoms) must be very precise, e.g. exactly 10 atoms of carbon for the next step of manufacturing. I can understand how a fixed number of nanofactories would be able to receive their material (at least theoretically), but I do not understand how a constantly and rapidly growing number of nanofactories could be supplied with such precision. I would guess that some sort of branching mechanism would be built out as each new factory was completed, but this is unclear to me.

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