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June 26, 2007


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Brain chip implants..."Imagine that this suicide bomber is remote controlled and cannot give up, even if he wants," warned Sharan.

"...only a few years ago would be laughed away as 'obviously' science fiction."

I would have been in the highly skeptical grouping if not the laughingly amused ones.

However, the fact that we're looking to control moths and the Chinese are controlling pigeons through remote control brain chips makes one wonder how far fetched this really is...even today. Yes, it is more complicated. You would need to be able to shut down other centers or links for verbal communication, facial expression, etc. Things that would allow the human-bot to indicate to the outside world that they aren't in control of their own body mechanics.

How difficult is that? I don't know, but I'd bet some smart neuroscientist could tell you pretty quickly. And if they can't today, the way that field is rapidly advancing it won't be a decade from now before they can.

Scary stuff to think about.

Janessa Ravenwood

I'm betting on "The World of Gridlock," though of course I'd much rather have "The Open, Dynamic, Cooperative World." Alas, as things stand right now we're pretty much defaulting to the former and that will likely persist for a few decades until we get rid of the "naturals" by them largely dying off of old age and disease since they will resist any efforts to cure them of such by all these “new-fangled” means. (I see this as predominantly a generational problem, at least in first world countries). Their grandkids will grow up with it and won’t be so hung up about it.


Years ago I came home on leave from my military duties and spoke to my cousins about chip implants and tracking devices that were implanted. They said I was crazy that no such thing existed that could be implanted in mankind. Well I know for a fact that it could be true.

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