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June 12, 2007


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Tom Craver

"There are roughly 6 and a half billion people in the world today. If 1 billion have computers, that means 5 billion or so don't. "

Due to PC sharing - families, schools, libraries, internet cafes, etc - I'd guess there's about 2 users for every PC, so maybe 2 billion have access to a PC. So after another billion, we'll be past the half-way mark.

Getting the last 2 billion may be difficult - the PC is getting cheap enough, but internet infrastructure costs need to come way down for rural areas.

A localized P2P internet might work out. Every PC a webserver, so people can create their own content and services for others nearby. Email forwarding service, with small ISPs connected to both P2P and internet. Some means of allowing mirrored web pages obtained by those on both networks to diffuse out into the P2P network - each PC mirroring any content it has seen recently, for any neighbors on the P2P network.

Brian Wang

I point out some other numbers to consider

3 billion mobile phones by the end of 2007. Almost the same number of debit and credit card users.
600 million children 5 or younger. Technically not deprived without a PC or cellphone.
1.8 billion 14 or younger.

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