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June 12, 2007


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I know everyone here is sold on anthropomorphic global warming and we're not allowed to question that belief at all here anymore.


But please, at least make those mirrors into solar power plants. Brian Wang over at advancednano.blogspot.com has suggested inflatable vehicles to reduce the launch costs in one of his blogs.

I'll only add that the idea that a billionaire can terraform earth resonates of Dr. Evil, but I'll hold out hope that democratic nation-states still care enough about their citizens that hopefully it wouldn't come to that...and I thought I was cynical.

Tom Craver

If it can really work, some idealistic and rich individual or group OUGHT to take the risks of implementing the scheme to cool the Arctic. Get it well frozen over again with a little extra cooling, and the added ice will help it keep cool for a while.

Government will never take the risk - no bureaucratic group will consider the potential praise if it works, to outweigh the risk to their careers if something goes wrong.

But if someone else does it first, the government will get all excited and upset that someone took action, decide that they'll have to monitor the results and judge whether they're good or bad, regulate future attempts, etc.

If it works well, the governments will decide they are the only ones who can be trusted to do it right, and let the implementors go with a self-righteous scolding for taking a chance at making things better.

If it fails, the government can safely torment those who did it - show trials and such - and prohibit further experiments of that sort.

A winner for the government either way. Of course, the private individuals had better be willing to suffer for their efforts, one way or the other - denied credit for success, or roundly condemned for failure.

Brian Wang

We do not need to agree on Global warming to agree on actions for change. What may or may not be causing global warming also causes air pollution which clearly kills millions and costs hundreds of billions per year in health costs, economic losses and environmental damage. The coal and oil companies are doing this all by themselves, they are just the tip of the spear that we all carry.

Btw: if the earth heats up because of "natural causes" we still may end up having to use geoengineering to cool the planet.

Eric was referring to magnetic inflation of solar power structures

and giant space bubbles

While I want to see space infrastructure created, a lot of clean ground based power will still be cheaper and faster for the next 2 decades

Trillions in infrastructure and tens of terawatts needs to be as efficiently produced as possible.

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