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May 04, 2007


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Reminds me of the old joke from the 1980s.

The USSR, desperate to catch up with the West in computing, spent five years, intensely researching and building.

Finally, the Kremlin announced, "Our brilliant Soviet scientists have invented the largest microprocessor in the world!"


This is an important warning to those elements who want to stop the development of nanotechnology (or regulate it to a slow crawl) because its implications make them nervous. If we don't develop it, others will, and we'll be without the infrastructure and knowledge base to cope with whatever those other choose to do with it.

Luddites cannot stop the development of new technology. All they can accomplish is to shift that development to countries other than the ones where Luddism has influence.

Jack William Bell

Trackback 'Black Nano':

When I think 'Russian Engineering' the first thing that comes to mind isn't the word 'small'. 'Enormous' maybe. But definitely not small.

Well, want to try 'nano'? Over at Responsible Nanotechnology, Mike Treder says Russia is pouring more than a billion dollars into nanotech research over the next three years...

Includes further discussion of possible secret weaponized nanotechnology programs.


The new Russian nanotech program is all too real. The announced government spending figure for the next five years is over US$ 7 billion and the first chuncks of money are already being poured. Russian govrnment will also try to make private investors to add another 5 - 7 billion to the pot. Keep an eye on that!

Nick Ernst

My understanding is that we spend a great deal too. Where do some other countries stand in comparison?


Thank you for the nice post.

Patmos David

Thy will be done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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