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May 12, 2007


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Interesting article. Is it any different than most scientists at this point saying that it is flat out impossible? I guess it could distract from a massively funded government project, but I think that if we are at the above described Zyvex stage, people will be even more confident in the possibilities of MM.

I think that it will be companies like Zyvex that will push forward the necessary supportive technologies needed to accomplish MM. This will wake up people to the true possibilities of MM. You guys just keep up with the message so that it isn't lost, keeping peoples eyes ever on that ultimate goal of MM.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Jonathan, I don't think most scientists are saying it's impossible anymore. I think that position is just not very tenable these days.

Some are still saying it's not worth doing because there are other ways of doing it, some that it won't turn out to be as useful as projected, some that it'll take a lot longer than we think...

But I think we are seeing a real shift away from absolute skepticism toward more nuanced and careful positions.

Sadly, that does not guarantee that real MM will get the attention and foresight it deserves.



It is unfortunate that by the time people realize it is possible, it may very well be on top of us. To much power with to little preparation..

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