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December 04, 2006


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Jan-Willem Bats

I can't believe it man. It finally happened.

I think this is pretty big.

So....... India's got a science-savvy president?

Any chance of that happening in the states anytime soon? :)

Chris Phoenix, CRN

I see something else worth noticing in his speech. He goes deep into the science. Not just technology, but _science_ - the kind of thing where you have to have special studies even to understand the words.

"Both single wall CNTs and multi wall CNTs have been used as electrodes, as electron acceptor, which can split exciton into electrons and holes to produce electricity."

I'm not extremely surprised that he knows words like "exciton." But I am surprised that he would include this explanation in a speech. I wouldn't expect any US president, no matter how advanced his personal knowledge, to talk about how excitons are part of the workings of solar cells.

Does this imply that Kalam's *audience* knows what excitons are? Not just the audience physically present at his speech, but the broader Indian audience?


Tom Craver

Probably not - but it might inspire the media to explain the ideas, expanding public understanding. So long as the leader uses terms accurately and isn't seen as mindlessly parroting something, it's a very good thing to do.

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