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October 30, 2006


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Chris, what do you think are the chances that quantum computers will arrive soon enough to help out? From what I've seen progress is happening faster than I used to think.

Also, how do you address the skepticism that many have with the results of simulations? Ideally, you could always use quantum chemistry techniques, but that is not practical for large systems. I know that NanoHive does allow you to use DFT and it uses distributive computing. Theoretically, if enough people donate their CPU cycles you could get a supercomputer to do DFT calculations for free. Of course, a practical quantum computer would be best.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

There's a company that claims to have a quantum computer for atom simulation nearly demo-able. Sorry, I can't find the link at the moment. I don't know enough about it to know how much help it'll be.

As to skepticism... I'm inclined at this point to ignore the skeptics and focus on the people who know how to use simulations within their limitations to advance our understanding of the nanoscale. As time goes on, the skeptical point of view will become irrelevant.


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