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September 27, 2006


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Tim Lundeen

Session A, anti-aging. What could be more important :-)

Phillip Huggan

I'd personally be interested in B or C. Ever since I found out you need to pay IBM to work commercially with CNTs, the patent gulag has scared me and I'd like to know more about it.
C would be interesting for example, because a responsible MNT scale-up would need an absolutely secure computer network. And post-MNT there will be a need for secure MNT-product computer networks.


I would attend A. I've long followed Aubrey de Grey's work and would definitely like to hear from others in the field.

Re D: Although I think decent batteries could have huge positive impacts on many aspects of society, I can't imagine listening to a talk about it would be interesting.

And B and C would almost certainly do nothing but annoy/anger me.


Hmmm... I'd go for A. That one sounds the most interesting. I'm not into patents so while I'm sure B could hold my attention if it was the only one, it's less appealing although I can see the interest.

C - is impossible with current technology so why waste time.

D might be worth it if the panel is lively. Although if I'm reading it right this is for hybrid cars or hybrid systems. That limits the appeal quite a bit - the scope is so small. Now if they were going to range over things like laptop batteries, cell phones, etc it would be interesting to see what the predictions are.

Tom Mazanec

I'm 48. Anti-aging for me!

Nato Welch

C. The combination of Bunnie Huang and MPAA execs is a recipe for fireworks, with lots of things that could be applicable to attempts to apply DRM to nanofactories.

Michael Anissimov

Recommend A.

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