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September 28, 2006


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Nato Welch

Nice job, Mike. I appreciate your good coverage of this event. If only more events were covered so well. This is important to folks like me with no travel budget. Thanks!

Jan-Willem Bats

So much for Mr. Perls' reputation.

Seriously... what kind of idiot would give in to ad hominem attacks?


Tim Lundeen

Re "Guarente says maximum lifespan (100-110 years) in humans probably will never increase, but the average will grow."

It is hard to understand how someone can be so blind. Of course human lifespans will increase past 100 years, the only question is how soon this will happen. It is a technological problem, and we are getting better at solving these at exponential rates.

Ted Stalets

Mr. Treder,

Great coverage. Each emerging technology which you covered interests me greatly. I have been tracking emerging tech for several years now at my portal dot com - Domain Nesteggs. To share this information with the public for open discussion beyond the conference walls is of paramount importance for intelligent decisions concerning these new powerful technologies. I've got goosebumps now on my arms as I type this - for my life's passion is using technology intelligently - so that the human experiment may be a success, rather than a failure. Thanks again for the conference summaries! All the best! Ted Stalets

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