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August 12, 2006


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The article highlights the critical importance of separating the very real concerns of public safety from the falacious issue raised by those who simply want to restrict our civil liberties and freedom of personal choice.

Dr. Bruce is clearly in the second catagory and should be denounced as such.

Anytime a new technology is developed that greatly increases personal liberties, there are always the jerks that come out of the woodwork (like cockroachs) that question the expansion of personal liberty for reasons having nothing to do with public safety.

John B

If you go into the guts of the Nano2Life site, you may stumble across their "work packages". Two of those are quoted below:



Research with responsibility.
New technologies like nanobiotechnology very often raise serious public concern. This concern has to be addressed and taken into account in order to prevent rejection of the technology because of violation of ethical and social standards. Scientists, especially those developing new techniques, are often not aware of possible concerns raised by application of their technology regarding public acceptance. Therefore an Ethics Board was set up from the early beginning of Nano2Life.


Define ethics issues related to nanobiotechnology
On-project advice on ethics issues Education of N2L researchers on ethics
Raise awareness of the public about ethics issues related to nanobiotechnology

contact WP leader: Klaus-Michael WELTRING

Foresight & Strategy

Ensure long-term success.
Nano2Life recognises the potential deep impact of nanobiotech on society and environment by setting up a special monitoring Technology Foresight & Strategy group within the Business Development Board. It will manage the foresight analysis and its implementation into the network’s strategy for business development to ensure that innovations are in accordance with societal and industrial needs.


To support the medium-term strategy of Nano2Life towards a European Institute of Nanobiotech (EIN) by a long-term prospective survey
To ensure an optimal positioning of Nano2Life on the international scene by benchmarking Nano2Life with other nanobiotech initiatives or networks worldwide

Contact WP leader; Françoise CHARBIT


How do these differ from CRNano's perspective? I see very little difference here, personally.

Perhaps you, CRN, might wish to contact the above leaders and ask for clarification/comment on Dr Bruce's quotation in the Scotsman?

IMO you've very little to lose, and possibly quite a bit to gain.


Chris Phoenix, CRN

John, as far as I can see, N2L is focused on biotech. An initial reading of their site looked good to me, but I think we're moving along parallel tracks--in the sense that they'll never cross. In other words, I don't think there are many, if any, projects that we could work on jointly.


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