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July 26, 2006


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Brian Wang

Something to take note of. All of the leading work and all of the leading capabilities in the enabling technology is in the US or with its close allies.

best aeronautics - USA, Europe, Russia
printer technology - USA, (HP in particular)
Advanced Lasers - USA, europe, russia
making planes from mostly composites- USA, boeing (this is not trivial, notice the delays and problems that occur here.), Europe, Russia

3D printing industry
Mostly US companies, but also leaders in europe and Israel. Some companies in Japan, Korea, China and Singapore

Having more capital and a technological lead that is probably widening still matters.

Everyone has guns and bombs but those with better guns, gear and precision bombs win. Everyone will have UAVs but they will not equal either (quality and/or quantity).

Brian Wang

correction: I should have said almost all. Russia is not a close ally and neither is China. Although they are not sworn enemies at this point either.

mova afghani

Can "cheap" UAVs be used in a kamikaze mission against commercial airplanes? It'd be scary if it does.


brian wang

sure UAVs can be used against commercial planes, but why? If the UAV can carry missiles it can use those.

Tom Craver

A kamikaze UAV might be smaller (harder to detect) and cheaper (to design and build in large quantities) than a smart UAV with missiles. It might rely on the jet sucking it into the engines, rather than the high-energy, high intelligence approach of missiles. Maybe nothing more than a "nanotube silk" balloon?

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