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March 01, 2006


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John Denver's Ghost

PRT is the zepplin of transit technology,
an idea that is on a dead end branch of the
technical evolution of mankind. After 40+
years there are no working systems and the
current players are definately on the shady
side of stock scams, swindles and dumping
debt on the public (Denver Airport PRT luggage handling system)

A Transportation Enthusiast

This is blatant propaganda. If you do enough reading on PRT, you will see that there is a small group of people who spend their days seeking out PRT discussions and inserting propaganda like this.

Take it all with a grain of salt. Most of what they say is lies and propaganda meant to scare people away from PRT.

For a more balanced treatment of PRT, including links to all the most important documents on the history and theory of the technology, see the Wikipedia PRT article.

A Transportation Enthusiast

The comment above is directed at the comment by "John Denver's Ghost", not the original article. :-)

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