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March 22, 2006


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Tom Mazanec

Treaty B is absurd and impossible on e face of it. Treaty A is a Herculean challenge, but is at least imaginable and conceivable of implementation.

Karl Gallagher

I'd never sign up for A. If you don't use the strengths you have to fight evil you're abandoning victims you could have saved.

Nato Welch

Unless a miracle happens in American politics, I do not expect the plutocracy to tolerate a blanket ban on MM (specifically) any more than citizens would.

Nearly the entire manufacturing sector of the economy (despite the fact that most of it is in China) will panic over the economic outcomes to their bottom lines in the same way the copyright cartels are going shrill today. In order to justify maintaining their stranglehold over their marketshare, they will demand control over the technology, leveraging America's tailor-made patent policy all the way, supplemented by feigned concern for the welfare of the constituencies they employ (likely while simultaneously laying off workers in droves).

The clincher will be that, unlike music, movies, and software, MM will allow common people to make stuff that is GENUINELY DANGEROUS. Industry will doubtlessly form alliances with the government agencies whose power stems from our well-established fear of terrorism, like DHS and the FBI. Together, they'll surely back an overwhelming policy recommendation to hand MM technologies over to "trusted" industrial oligopolies, who'll be happy to stifle innovation and liberty with government-granted monopolies to lengths unprecedented even today.

That's what I expect.

Phillip Huggan

Nations won't agree to make transparent their most secretive research projects unless you give them something really good in return.

Tom Mazanec

We might try to control MM as we try to control music, movie and software copying. We will also be just as unsuccessful.

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