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December 01, 2005


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Uh, I think I may have been a bit too harsh and, uhm, too ignorant. I do not have any academic degree, but I can read. I can certainly work myself, to a degree, through Ouellette's Chemistry book. So more people, and quite a number of laymen, will start experimenting with nanofactories, once there here.

The essays have been quite informative, but there's one thing missing. I like the description Chris gives of his thinking. Well, I was reading todays stuff at BetterHumans.com and in the post 'really negative ideas' there's a link to an interesting essay. I find its pessimism totally unwarranted, but I don't you can do much about it: as if people want to go down in flames. Anyway, the author says (p. 17) that the more know / have visualized any coming crisis, the easier they find it to confront it (when it arrives). Perhaps you should limit the scenario's to four and put a lot more detail into that. I think a lot of commenters would be willing to help...

Chris Phoenix, CRN

It's relatively easy to come up with scenarios. I think we could describe several scenarios that make people think. It's harder to justify them: to show that they really are likely. There were a lot of negative comments on the Betterhumans essay and I don't want to be written off that way.



Excuse me, 'written off that way'? A lot of negative comments? Seems to me most commenters were upset by the essay, because *it* was so negative.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Sorry, yes, I meant the negative comments were on the Betterhumans site, directed at the essay linked from it.


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