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October 25, 2005


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Mike Treder, CRN

Regarding the work being done by Dr. Tour's group at Rice, Derek Lowe at the Corante blog has an interesting commentary, which includes this paragraph:

It's easy to dismiss this work as a stunt, which is what I once did with one of Tour's other ideas. But this is the beginning of the real thing. A larger, more functionalized version of the nanocar might carry other molecules along and dump them at will, which is what this group seems to be working on now. These are small steps toward controlled nanoscale delivery, which is a small step toward a nanotech assembler.

zahra hadian

Dear Dr.James Tour
I saw your research title in CRN's mail
I appreciate if you send for me information
about nanofood technology.
Best Regards
faculty member in uviversity

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