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August 30, 2005


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michael v

How well funded is Foresight's "Nanotech roadmap"? It looks much less funded than Zyvex to me. Of the other items, only quantum computing is relevant to MNT, unless I'm missing something.


Yeah, the Singularity has been sighted and is within range on the horizon Mike. It's coming up on us fast now. Quoting Kurzweil:

"We are now in the early stages of this transition. The acceleration of paradigm shift (the rate at which we change fundamental technical approaches) as well as the exponential growth of the capacity of information technology are both beginning to reach the knee of the curve, which is the stage at which
an exponential trend becomes noticeable. Shortly after this stage, the trend quickly becomes explosive."

So he's saying if transhumanist projections are on track, we should just around now be reaching the point in that Spike curve where it suddenly steepens. Projections for a 2030 Singularity are holding firm.

Don't expect a bunch of obnoxious prats on internet mailing lists (like the SL4 bozos for instance) to do anything to help us.

Rather I admire people like you guys at CRN who are listening to arguments and actually getting things done.

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