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July 12, 2005


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1. Would the final product really unfold and selfassembly such as the billion CPU laptop is doing in the movie?

2. If so... how does that work? When I hold two pieces of plastic together, they do not stick because not enough molecules are making contact with another...

3. Was it a good idea to produce a billion CPU laptop? Don't you think that will make people put this in the 'fantastic fantasy' category?

Other than that it was a cool movie. Very clear.

Mike Treder, CRN

1) Yes, if it was designed to do so. It would be relatively simple to equip the extruded product with a set of actuators and springs to complete its assembly automatically after removal from the nanofactory.

2) This can be done in one of two ways: either through mechanical means like an "expanding ridge joint" (see http://www.jetpress.org/volume13/Nanofactory.htm#s3.2), or with covalent bonding. Outside the nanofactory, the former might be preferable to avoid joint contamination. Alternatively, the product could be extruded from the nanofactory inside a "balloon" and complete its assembly process in that protected space before the balloon is opened.

3) Maybe, but showing a computer only incrementally more powerful than today's models would have given a false impression of the nanofactory's capabilities. On the other hand, they could have shown something far more "fantastic" than a laptop computer being produced; so I think they made a good intermediate choice.


Your bandwidth has been exceeded and it is not possible to download the movie.

Mike Treder, CRN

Daniel, I've posted an update with another source for the movie file.


maybe someone who has it already could seed it on legaltorrents.com or some other similar site ?

harold macdonald

it is interesting to think what they could think. or make. but what could they imagine? what would they dream up (the resultant life forms ?} i assume that they would have whole new categories of thought, and new understandings of conciousness.


Link to the video: http://amfilms.hash.com/search/entry.php?entry=1066 (43.32MB)


after look this page i m very happy because i m also in a production house
and we are doing some work upon this concept

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