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June 09, 2005


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Alan B. Shalleck

The way our industry can shift off "prey" is to take the toxocology and risk effects out of the hands of the regulators and the public by creating an industry financed "NanoTech Council of Risk Assessment" made up of recognized independent "authorities. " This "Council of Peers" should be empowered by the entire industry to create product standards, tests, and performance and safety criteria for the entire industry.

If we aggressively take a stand and provide an open and auditable procedure ourselves, we can gain the credibility and the confidence of the public in what we will inevitably create and develop.

If we create this Council now for "mods of products", the procedures will be in place and accepted when we get to the "self assembling designer molecules" of the next few years. We have to be pro-active.

I've said this at many meetings and I don't see anything happening. I hear words from the NanoAlliance people but not from the top executives of nanocompanies. These line guys are the necessary ones. If the public sees line executives placing their careers and bonus's on the line for societal concerns, we will take a major step in building public approval of nanotechnology and preventing unwanted, unjustified and restrictive regulation.

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