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June 29, 2005


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"Many people still do not appreciate how fast science and technology (S&T) will change over the next 25 years."

Baloney. Absolute baloney. Pentagon physicist Jonathan Huebner has predicted the end of innovation on the horizon. In fact, instead of facing a future of accelerating change, we are entering a new dark age.


This does not bode well for the future of bio, nano, info and cogno.


For the love of all things that are holy: ban this monkey character from your site.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Hey, at least he cited a source this time. Huebner should never have gotten published, and it's a shame he's not more famous so we could laugh at him a few years from now, but I can't complain too much about this particular comment of MMG's.

But we've now had requests from two different people to ban him, and if in future he posts opinions without citing sources or any other foundation, there's a good chance we will.


Chris Phoenix, CRN

I should clarify: I didn't mean that Huebner's work shouldn't have been published at all. What I was thinking about when I wrote that was his opinion that we may be approaching the limits of technology. I don't see how anyone (including him) who studies technology could seriously think that.

I've made a blog post that goes into this in more detail:


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