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May 22, 2005


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Karl Gallagher

Guys, this is not new. The Air Force has been asking for this stuff for decades. The Administration de jour says "Okay, if we cut these 60 fighter planes out of the budget" and AF says "Oh, never mind." Meanwhile we continue basic R&D, as did the Russians while they could afford it. The only ASAT deployed in space was a Soviet one (the US version was on a suborbital trajectory). The UCS, Pravda, etc. have been foaming at the mouth in response in an equally predictable pattern for decades. Makes me wonder if the NYT had to kill an article and just pulled one out of the archive to fill the hole.

william kuehn

WEAPONS RACE: an instrument used for fighting - this could mean many different
possibilities. This day in age it could be
nuclear, chemical, viral, or even comtputerized. We need to give more consideration to what we create. The consequences could be catastropic!

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