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February 11, 2005


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Although I've not commented as of late on entries I have been reading and following along with the discussion over the past few weeks. There have been other interesting developments outside of the field that in my opinion could contribute to the overall process that will eventually lead us to a strong robust molecular manufacturing state.



Here are two things that discuss and describe the new technical aspects of the cell chip which is being developed jointly by IBM Toshiba and Sony. This technology is interesting in many ways and although there is precedence in the past four talking up or hiping a specific element of the chip we can hope that what they say about the chip is in fact the “truth”.

I've been considering somewhat of a philosophical answer to describe the current state of affairs. In the beginning before a common language learning experiences would have had two of been copied by those around you and it would've been difficult for you to know more about your world then you could have interpreted from those things around you. With the advent of the spoken word and increased social behavior we see a situation where tremendous growth occurred and individual freedom and lifestyle were enhanced. Some time past and the convent of the written word occurred disallowed information to be stored and disseminated amongst all peoples. At this point a specific piece of knowledge would only need to be learned once been recorded and could be carried through each generation. This knowledge could then be added to by individuals in the future and a greatly increased our knowledge of the world around us. Then came the integrated circuit and computers providing information and a greatly enhanced speed and capable of searching through libraries of data for specific information pertaining to question of hand. Since the young event of computers we have also seen the Internet occur. This is brought information into the hands of many more that otherwise might not have it. In each case of the above statement society and overall well-being has increased exponentially with the young event of the new form of communication. There seems to be a direct correlation between availability of information and dissemination of information one discusses advances in technology and corresponding life expectancy and well-being.

With this point made we have the new technology arriving in the form of the cell chip this chip along with many millions of copies of it can fundamentally change for the better the availability and dissemination of information. This will then impact our way of life hopefully for the better.

Back to the subject of molecular manufacturing we are making progress daily although it is sometimes less obvious. With the passing of each day we see advances made in any one of a hundred fields that can directly or indirectly relate to MM. I'm encouraged at the progress made by many around the world not just here in United States. Although I do find myself somewhat anxious to see the future today and not in 20 or 30 years. I guess that patience is perhaps the word for the day.

On another point there also was a significant advance made in artificial intelligence and I am looking for the link at this point one moment. I am unable to locate the link it was discussing the possibility of utilizing three-dimensional programming instead of the singular linear programming currently in use. A professor at one of the universities had successfully demonstrated a programming capability that was nonlinear and would have direct applications to artificial intelligence. The impact that AI will have on the world is likely as profound as the impact MM will have. And I find myself often curious to hear individuals who state concretely that their opinions of the future extended out some 50 to 100 years and the lifestyle that will be at that point. In the discussion post AI is completely without merit and meaning. As they can be in my opinion even utilizing imagination any number of possible scenarios post AI. And to summarize any of the possibilities is pure speculation. We can however probably make generalize statements as to the current state of affairs of two of the point of strong AI. Hopefully the breakthrough by the University will in fact deliver a framework that can fundamentally change the current research in the field and move us forward to the eventual goal of strong AI.

Thirdly there have been continuing advances made in the fields of three-dimensional optical hard drives and related. Some have concluded that 40,000TB of data will fit inside of a single cubic centimeter of space utilizing this technology. The estimates on timeframe for deployment of actual working products vary from three to five years as will have a considerable and profound impact on advances outside of this field as availability of data will grow exponentially. This impact should not be overlooked as a contributing factor in all discussions related to possible future scenarios.

This is running along so I will curtail my opinions and look forward to everyone else's in the time to come.


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