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September 02, 2004


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Tom Craver

Also of interest, from the site:

"Biological proteins are in fact produced in exactly this way, by programs run by cellular molecular machinery; CBA researchers have shown how nanocluster antennae can be attached to these proteins in order to provide for radiofrequency control over cellular signaling pathways [5]. This promises to create a "digital" technology for molecular manufacturing, with implications for atoms as profound as they have been for bits."

Rj Bond

I heard about this on Science Friday last week or the week before. My intrest was in makeing 3world like areas help themselves. Our church sponcers a church in Hatti. We have sent people for the last few years to help them build a hopsitl like area, school, and finish a church. They catch H2O in big tubs on roofs for warming and drinking. What they need is a true sorce of ele. so they can pump "GOOD/FREASH" H2O from the ground. I heard you say something about a windmill. Is this something that could help them??

Rj Bond

Phillip Huggan

Rj see: http://www.otherpower.com/otherpower_wind.html

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