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September 27, 2004


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John B

Very nice layout, and I won't kvetch at the lack of content - way too early for that. Thanks for putting it up!

Question - At some point (perhaps one month after an article is posted here?) is there a way to automate output of the topic and comments from here to the Wiki? I'd hate to see some of the conversations that took place here go into the bitbucket... (if the typepad site has a 'lock' feature as well, you might want add a comment to the thread here with a link to the new page on the Wiki and then lock the thread)

As I get time, I strongly suspect you'll see a few articles/entries/comments from me over there.


Chris Phoenix, CRN

John, the trouble with simply porting comments is copyright. Wise-Nano, like Wikipedia, is under the Gnu Free Doc License. We can't import people's text without their permission.

That's not just being legalistic. It's true that people who post here expect their work to be freely read and copied. But they don't necessarily expect it to be freely edited.

I agree with you that the conversations here are far too good to lose. I'm hoping that the posters (and even some lurkers) will copy their own work to Wise-Nano. I could imagine, in the future, we might move all discussion over there, and anything posted there would be under GFDL and freely usable. For now, though, please do port your own past content! All of you!

And if you see a really good idea from someone else that you think needs to go on the site, remember that copyright covers text not ideas, so you can paraphrase (Disclaimer: I'm not a lawyer, and there are subtleties I don't know about). But do give credit for the source of the idea!


John B

For myself, anything I put on the crnano.typepad.com web pages is put into the public domain - fold, spindle, or mutilate at your whim, just cite the original location, please.

And hopefully tonight I'll be able to start populating some bits in the new site...

-John B

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