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« Surveillance and Privacy | Main | Nanotechnology Solutions »

August 14, 2004


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Mike Deering

Someone could make a ton of money from a relatively simple device. A nano-machine that cranks out an endless carbon nanotube fiber. If it were a multi-walled CNT that would be even better.

Brett Bellmore

I think a device which took in unregulated chemicals, and cranked out an endless supply of cocaine, would probably be a better money maker.

And you wouldn't have to declare the income! ;)

Mike Deering

Brett, I think you are mistaken. A spool of CNT fiber is more rare, more useful, and has a wider market than a bag of cocaine, and you don't risk prison.


Pleasure-stimulating neural implants that can be placed on the forehead like tape or even lotion might sell enormously, especially since they could be programmed to create hundreds of times as much pleasure as any drug on Earth, and for as long as the implants last. That could be weeks or months.

ETC group

ETC Group on nanotechnology: http://www.etcgroup.org/search.asp?theme=11

ETC Group is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable advancement of cultural and ecological diversity and human rights. To this end, ETC Group supports socially responsible developments in technologies useful to the poor and marginalized and it addresses governance issues affecting the international community. We also monitor the ownership and control of technologies, and the consolidation of corporate power.

Janessa Ravenwood

Oh, please. Spare me. The ETC Group is virulently anti-science and anti-technology and relies on shoddy "studies" to advance it's nakedly Luddite *political* agenda. You're not fooling anybody here.

I assume you're antinano, back here under a new handle.

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