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July 31, 2004


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jim moore

Well, i think that we should get this ball rolling.

Maybe the Foresight Institute and CRN should invite someone from the Indian Embassy to the Foresight Conference on Advanced Nanotechnology this october. Or hey invite President Kalam or offer to go to India for a Development Strategies for MNT conference.

Chris keeps saying that the biggest obstacle to MNT is software, India has a lot of software talent. They are also pretty good in chemistry and biochemistry. They are also young and hungry for a better life. You may be able to convince the Indian government to spend 100 million a year for a 5-10 year development project for a nano-factory. If it was successful the project would have an enormous payback for the Indian people within a year of completion.

If the Indian government announces a semi-public program to develop a nano-factory, how long do you think it would be before many other nations do the same?

John B

Interesting that the published version does not /directly/ address military capability, the way the speach did. Nano-UAV's /could/ have peaceful uses, after all.

-John B

Chris Phoenix, CRN

CRN can't invite people to the Foresight conference. But I'll mention the idea to the Foresight people.


Joe Martin

Very interesting. I read many of President Kalam's thoughts at nanoindian.com, an Indian nanotechnology portal. Indeed, he is thinking 10-20 years in advance to push the frontiers of technology.

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