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July 07, 2004


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Jim Logajan

I don't agree with some of the views and analysis from CRNano. And I occasionally slip into satire to show my annoyance with their views here or on the Usenet newsgroup sci.nanotech. But I really do respect the efforts of Chris and Mike. They clearly aren't in it for the money - which is not something one can say for Tim Harper and CMP Cientifica.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Jim, I didn't think of you once while writing this post. Satire and sarcasm are not in the same league as misrepresentation.

BTW, I'm working on an answer to you about arms races. For one thing, I'm taking a closer look at my assumption that a race to develop a military nanofactory is more or less equivalent to a race to develop military products.



navy applications

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