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June 24, 2004


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Mike Deering

This is a generic comment on the whole "thirty essential studies" program.   I was just over looking at the website with all thirty studies and your preliminary results (follow the link at the beginning of this blog) and I just want to say:   "Mike, Chris, you guys are really good at this stuff."   You are doing a wonderful job at it.   It is much more balanced and reasonable than I expected from some of your earlier writing.   I think it shows that you are seriously thinking about the different viewpoints that have come out in the interactive blog discussions.   The findings go well beyond the simplistic and cliché,   "How can we maintain the status quo?"  or  "How can we sell this to the money guys?"  or  " How can we look good to the old boy power network?"

It is apparent to you, me, and the readers of this blog, that MM is coming, and that it will be disruptive in the extreme, and that we, as a society, a species, and a world, are not prepared for that disruption.   Everyday it is getting easier to be taken seriously about nanotechnology.   The media, the population, the policy makers, are coming around.   It's only a matter of time before they come knocking on your door.   Or more likely, your research will be stolen by some high profile organization like RAND CORP. and you will get little or no credit.   Either way your contribution will be immensely valuable.

The only thing that could make it better is more attention to extreme biomedical capabilities that will come with mature nanotechnology, the possibility of total body redesign.

Mike Deering, Director,
Email: deering9 at mchsi dot com

Janessa Ravenwood

Mike: I hear what you're saying on the being taken more seriously on MNT. My friends don't think I'm nearly as crazy about nanotechnology or my being signed up for cryonics as much as they did even a year ago. The fact that I try to pass along word of the latest developments in MNT research when I see them seems to be helping. So that's what I'd encourage everyone here to do - pass the word along in person to your friends to help disseminate the knowledge of what’s coming sooner than they think.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Mike, thanks! Good to know we're improving.

There are several things we could talk more about. Extreme medicine is one. (Body redesign; health/life extension; intelligence amplification...)

Another is very easy access to space (and the policy issues that raises).

A third is what nano-accelerated AI can do to help, and/or to speed development of technologies.

A fourth is the alleged likelihood that AI could suddenly become immensely potent, but with a stupid goal, and destroy everything.

I'm sure there are others...


you needd more info on by using nantechnology to improve the fastness of a computer

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