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May 12, 2004


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Mike Deering

Mike, that is a wonderful little post. It is concise, clear, and covers all the main points of an introduction to nanotechnology. Very well done.

hey i was doing a report and i got your information.

i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed reading some of your infor. and that it really helped me understand nanotechnology a little bit better

Janessa Ravenwood

First spammers now traitors. We REALLY need a "Report To Moderator" button here. Not much NANO discussion going on with all these distractions.

Mike Deering

Traitors? I love this country (USA), and I love The Constitution, and the freedoms that this country exemplifies. I just have a problem with the government. Has it become un-American to criticize the government?

Janessa Ravenwood

Criticizing the government is FAR different than cheering for the mastermind of the greatest terrorist attack on U.S. soil.

That's not being anti-war, it's being on the other side. BIG difference. Criticize the government all you want, I certainly do. But I do not cheerlead for the enemies of America (and the rest of the civilized world) as the previous poster did.

Brett Bellmore

It's still not "treason", the only crime specifically defined in the Constitution.

Janessa Ravenwood

It certainly meets MY definition of treason. One does not cheer for the defeat of one's country and the violent deaths of its citizens by crazed terrorists.

Mike Deering

I must have missed something. Where is this treasonist post you refer to?

Janessa Ravenwood

They removed apparently just after I posted a response. It was: "Long Live Osama Bin Laden!!!"

Mike Treder, CRN

MODERATOR'S NOTE: I removed that comment as being totally unrelated to the topic, and apparently posted simply for the annoyance factor. Normally I will not censor opinions, even those that some might find objectionable, but they have got to be at least reasonably on topic, and not outrageously offensive.


this page is very useful to me to know about the nanotechnology.im also in the 90% people before seen this page.but now i know what is nanotechnology & its applications in various field

thanking you

sujai s

very good.but i am a beginner.i m doing my b.e
degree(2 year).my branch of study is eee.
the sites like this enable me to get a wide
knowledge on nanotechnology.


Derek Williams

Please send me articles, definitions, anything you can on the studyand development of nanotechnology

Mike Treder, CRN

Derek, the best thing to do is visit our main website (www.CRNano.org). There you'll find numerous articles, definitions, and more on "the study and development of nanotechnology".


here u do,not discrive about the relation between spintronics and nano technology.

Chris Phoenix, CRN

Spintronics is a small subfield of nano-electronics, which is a small subfield of nanotechnology. There are hundreds of other sub-subfields; no way we could or should list them all in an introduction.



woah... thx for info

jared fields

I realy am interested in this stuff. If it is not too much trouble could you send me current events and news updates? I would really enjoy it.

Mike Deering

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id just like to say that this was a very helpful article. i am a student in high school and this is the first article i found that explained nanotechnology in a simple and easy to understand way. Thank you very much!

sherin suzkin

this was a very helpful article. i'm a student doing Msc in electronics. i wish it could be l'll more discriptve

John B

Take a look around the rest of this site, and the www.crnano.org site - you'll find much more detail than almost anyone needs, on many aspects of nanotech.

'Course, as this is theorized but likely, the final forms are in no way known. Which tends to cut down on the detail . . .


suresh kumar

REspected sir,
iam physics student i want to know what is a nano?
and size of it?
thanking u sir
suresh kumar.p

Mike Treder, CRN


Nano is the Greek prefix for dwarf or very small.

A nanometer is one billionth of a meter; approximately the length of three to six atoms placed side-by-side, or the width of a single strand of DNA; the thickness of a human hair is between 50,000 and 100,000 nanometers. Very small indeed.

You can learn much more here and here.


sir,please send me a detailed description on nanotechnology,as iam very much anxious to know about it .Also please give me even the detailed applications of it in present day life.Please let it be more related to biotechnlogy.Thankyou sir.

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