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May 19, 2004


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Janessa Ravenwood

I'm still voting for Bush, but his stance on Stem Cell Research seriously pisses me off. That and actually appointing LEON KASS (!!!) to any kind of scientific advisory position makes my blood boil.

Current circumstances make me a single issue voter (national security) but these types of stances irk me to no end.

Mr. Farlops

Given that Iraq and Afghanistan continue to fester (Funny how the administration can't even agree with itself on what to do next.), that we are still no safer from terrorism despite draconic invasions of privacy and that we've alienated almost all of our allies, it seems that Bush's vaunted, tough-guy national security isn't all that it's cracked up to be either.

But of course I am biased. I didn't vote for him last time and will breathe a tremendous sigh of relief if he's voted out this time.

Karl Gallagher

I'm with Janessa.


Janessa, write your representative and senators to get the bioethics council either abolished or reformed such that its mandate is limited to reproductive technology ONLY.

There are suggested outlines of such a letter on the immortalist institute's website: www.imminst.org.

I have already written to my representatives on this issue.

I am also disappointed at CRN's lack of a pro-active stance on "transhuman" rights issues (morphological freedom, healthy life extension) as well. I am apposed to and will work to oppose any regulatory regime or proposal on biotech and nanotech that does not explicity support "transhuman" rights.

Karl Gallagher

Kurt, I think CRN's bit off a lot to chew already, I wouldn't urge them to add anything more to it.

Mr. Farlops

I agree with Kurt, assuming Bush gets another four years, the only other viable paths for advocates of scientific research (Specifically biotech research and nanotechnology.) is to write to or lobby Congress to restrain the foolishness of the Executive.

It may not matter anyway. If academe, environmentalists and industry get the idea that the Bush Administration is going to slow scientific research that it finds objectionable, that research will just migrate to other countries whose governments are more open-minded.

On the other hand, I agree with Karl. CRN is just two hardworking volunteers; they have plenty on their plate! They can ally with other MNT advocacy organizations, like Foresight, and use member donations to lobby Congress though.

If we get another four years, I plan to donate a little more hard-earned money to organizations like Foresight and CRN.

Mike Treder, CRN

Why wait? Donate now!

jim moore

I think that there is only one good option for the United States, and that is to give Bush the boot. I can't imagine how bad things will get if he remains in office.
On national security look what he has done:
- ignored repeated warnings about impending terrorist attacks before 9/11. ( a big strike but redeemable)
-Over threw the Taliban and destroyed Bin Ladins' training centers. (very good thing)
-Diverting attention and resources from Afaganistan and northern Pakistan. Lawless areas that terrorists take refuge in. (a very bad thing shows you haven't learned and are not focused on the people who attacked us.)
-Started a war against Iraq, justifying it with false information. (extremely bad, at least 10,000 innocent people have been killed and God only knows how many people have been injured. The credibility of this administration is shot to hell)
-Started the war with plenty of troops to over through the Iraqi government but not enough to occupy the country. (shows a inability to plan for the clearly foreseeable consequences of their actions)
-Has allowed a culture of abuse to form in the treatment of prisoners and detainees. (this is a crime)

If the american people elect Bush we will be endorsing a violent and incompetent administration.

Mike Deering

It is reasonable for CRN to remain politically neutral. They need to work with who ever happens to be in power at the time. Unfortunately this reasonable approach won't work with the Bush administration. They don't want to work with neutrals but only with people who are firmly and loudly in their corner. Consequently, CRN should immediately declare their support for Bush's policies and find a way to fit CRN's agenda into the Bush philosophy. And if Carey should win, rapidly reverse positions. He appreciates waffling.

But seriously, do you want me to tell you what is going to happen in the next twelve months? Okay. When it becomes obvious that Bush can not win the election he will attempt to fix it, failing that he will cancel the election on some national security pretense. There will be no orderly transfer of power this time. The Supreme Court has given Bush the authority to declare anyone, including any U.S. citizen, an enemy combatant and hold them incommunicado without charge indefinitely. Do you think there is an exclusion for political opponents? Think again. The U.S. and the world already has an Emperor, we just don't know it yet.

Brett Bellmore

" failing that he will cancel the election on some national security pretense."

Amusingly, conservatives had somewhat similar expectations of Clinton. Trust me, it isn't going to happen, for much the same reason Clinton couldn't have done it... The Secret Service isn't THAT good! LOL

Maybe we could turn this back to nanotech instead of politics?

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