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February 13, 2004


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This should be an interesting event; SAGE Crossroads is getting better in its second year, and drawing up some very good debates. They're a bit pro-regulate-until-blue-in-face for my taste, but then you expected that, right?

Founder, Longevity Meme

Mr. Farlops

Well it's good that Mike made it clear that research bans and fighting over government grants (For example, the NanoBusiness Alliance.) in one area effects progress in all areas. I don't know if the Safe Crossroads group will really appreciate the significance of the second discussional approach though.

Oh, and:

Reason wrote, "...a bit pro-regulate-until-blue-in-face for my taste,..."

Ahem, this comment is a bit "we technophile libertarians have all the answers" for my taste.

Being a technophile, although not a libertarian, myself, I still think there is a place for appropriate regulation in nanotechnology.

Janice Lieberman

I love the Nanoworld and have come across the following word a few times
lately. Has a new word been born out of the Nanotech revolution?
A googlesearch for NANORATI reveals a few instances where the word has
been used.
And in the Wikipedia I found the following;
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


People who are extremely knowledgeable in the field of Nanotechnology.
It often refers to the movers and shakers in the industry.
Nanorati is the high-tech equivalent of "literati," which refers to
scholars and highly educated individuals.

(see also "Digirati" which refers to people knowledgeble in computers)

Janice Lieberman

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